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Five Kinds of Food Help Resolve Your Insomnia

Abstract: dietary therapy can help hypertension patients with insomnia have a good sleep. However, the effects will be different due to different personal qualities and situations. Hypertension patients suffering insomnia can try some safe dietary therapies and never rely on sleeping pill.
Hypertension patients are mainly the elderly and most elderly have insomnia. Lack of sleep may cause blood pressure of the elderly goes up. Meanwhile, bad sleep also may cause the elderly a bad mood and bad mood will further affect the blood pressure. Thus, how to let hypertension elder have a good sleep? Below are several simple dietary therapies.
Have some vinegar before sleep
Vinegar is acid and the traditional Chinese medicine think that acid material can remove yin and so promote sleep. Add a spoonful of vinegar into a glass of cold water and have it before your sleep which can calm down your emotion and improve your insomnia.

Lotus seed and longan and lily porridge
Lotus seed has the effect of removing upset and insomnia, while lily can clear heart fire and calm down. People who always have insomnia can make porridge with lotus seed, longan, lily with husked sorghum ( maize) which has the effect of helping sleep.

Porcine heart soup
Insomnia is always caused by too big heart fire and there is an old saying among people that supplement with the same thing. Therefore, having some porcine heart soup can supplement heart. The specific method is to cut a porcine heart, and add 25 grams of both radix codonopsis and angelica sinensis; cook them and then get rid of the drugs, and having porcine and soup which is effective. This is mainly of insomnia patients with heart deficiency and much perspiration.

Lettuce syrup
Lettuce is the common food in daily life which has the effect of negotiating the five viscera. Its syrup is oyster white. Insomnia patients with weak nerves can add a spoonful of lettuce syrup into a glass of water. It has the effect of hypnosis due to its calm down function.

Odour therapy
Smelling the odour of orange and onion can help sleep. You can put a peeled or cut orange on the bedside table and let the insomnia patients smell its fragrant which can compose central nervous system and so help sleep. You also can mash some onion up and add them into a bottle, smell it before you go to sleep and you will fall asleep after a while.

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