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Eleven Kinds OF Popular Edible Skin Care Products

Abstract: good skin that kept by having skin care products,or health care product is not good as that by eating. Put down your skin care products. It easy to keep young if you eat right.
Recently, female begin to notice to keep beautiful from regulating health from inner to outside. Instead of spending a lot of money to do extra skin care, why not try to have some magic edible skin care product which may make you younger that others unconsciously.
Top one: drinking water
If you want to be white, beautiful and wealth, you have to be in a good family.; if you want to be white, beautiful and slim, you can do it with water. There is scientific experiment shows that you can loose 0.5 kg every week if you have 8 to 12 glasses of water everyday. Cold water is easy to be absorbed by the tissues which can contract blood vessels and slow down the absorption of fat. Having water often can keep enough water in your intestines to soften your shit. As long as the water content in human body declines from 80% to 50%, the water loss will be proportional to your age. Is there water in your body if you had water? No! Having water without considering time, and content is just having water but never supplement water. You have to consider time, temperature when having water. Supplement water dose not mean drinking purified water, a lot of invisible water are more benefit for human body to absorb. For example, porridge, soup, fruit and vegetable. Besides, you also need to have more dituesis water which can promote the formation of kidney urine and balance water in body. Therefore, water cannot be over-supplemented. When the human body is stable, you only need to supplement 1000 to 2000 ml water everyday to keep your urine clear. If under the condition of not thirsty, you still have over 2000ml water, it is testing your kidney function.

Beautify function: water can not only make your skin more beautiful, but also can detox and make you slim. If you want to keep young, you have to keep your body have enough water, and maintain the glycacil of your skin and make your skin plump.
Top two: collagen
There are 27 kinds of human collagen, and type of collagen is different in different part. Collagen is the main ingredient of human skin dermis which accounts for over 80%. It forms a close elastic mesh in human skin which can lock the water like the holder that supports the skin. In skin, collagen is the "spring that decides the elastic and compaction of skin; it also is the "reservoir" that decides the water content and water storage of skin. Collagen directly decides the hydrating degree, smooth degree, compaction and " skin age" of skin.

Beautify function: it can prevent from skin wrinkles and make keep smooth and elastic; it also can eliminate spots; promote the rebirth of skin and recover elasticity.
Top three: vitamin E
You must be very familiar with vitamin E. It is a fat-soluble vitamin which also been proved to be effective antioxidant. It can protect the unsaturated fatty acid in cell membrane from hurting by free radical and so as to reduce the risk of having heart disease as well as prevent from atherosclerosis. In daily life, the elder always have vitamin E to prolong aging, while female like to use cosmetics with it to beautify skin.
Beautify function:
It has antioxidant effect and can prolong aging, reduce the formation of lipofuscin, improve skin elastic; also it can eliminate scars after wounded to some degree. ( it also can be external use)
Top four: grape seeds
Grape seed is the natural and effective "free radical" scavenger that can remove free radicals in human body; it also has 20 times antioxidant effect of vitamin C and 50 times of vitamin E; it also has the effect of anti-tumor, anti-mutation and anti-aging; it can be used for skin care and beautify.

Beautify function: it can prevent skin wrinkles, melanin from depositing, and whiten skin, remove scars.
Top five: pearl powder
There are effective components like shell protein amino acid (collagen), glycine, natural methionine and taurine in pearl powder that can accelerate skin metabolism and regulate and care the skin all over the human body. It can promote the formation of newly born cells and supplement nutrition to skin surface continuously to keep the secretion of female estrogen normal.

Beautify function: it can make skin smooth, tender and elastic as well as prolong aging. Besides, it also can regulate metabolism and remove female pigment and spots.
Top six: coenzyme Q10
It is the effective antioxidant originated from Japan and has wide application in the beauty industry and food industry. Coenzyme Q10 is the coenzyme ingredients lie in human body and mainly concentrated in gland grain of apoptosis that is responsible for making enery. In can protect the skin cells from damaging by the free radical due to its strong antioxidant effect. Q10 is fat-soluble and you can have it with meal or peanut butter which has a better effect.
Beautify function: it can strengthen the antioxidant ability of human body and prolong aging as well as enhance human immunity.
Top seven: bee glue
Bee glue is a gelatinoid that processed with flower powder, beeswax and the secretion combined resin (gum) collected by bees from plant spores or tree trunk. It is the umbrella of honeycomb. Bee glue is a "natural antibiotic" which is rich in unique bio-activator.

Beautify function: it has antioxidant effect and can detox, regulate metabolism; it also can eliminate acne, pimple, dissolve pigmented spots,reduce wrinkles and prolong aging.
Top eight: scabish
Most female have to share five to ten days with her "best friend" every month for almost half of her life. However, it will cause the promotion of inflammation prostate intensity due to the hormone change begins two to three days before the period plus bleeding caused by the falling off of endometrium. The GLA in scabish can inhibit the promotion of prostate intensity caused by inflammation and reduce adverse reactions of PMS.
Beautify function: it can relieve the premenstrual syndrome and climacteric symptoms.
Top nine: aloe
According to scientific research, there are a lot of ingredients in aloe which is nourishing to human skin with little stimulation and comfortable. It can cure skin roughness, facial wrinkles, scars, freckle, acne to some degree. Therefore, its extract can be used as cosmetic additive to make sunblock and bath foam and so on.

Beautify function: it can improve skin roughness, accelerated wound healing, relieve sun burn or slight scald, and improve sunburn, stain and endocrinopathy; it also can regulate gastrointestinal function, loosen the bowel to relieve constipation, promote the ruling out of toxin; help save water and relieve skin dry.
Top ten: soy isoflavone
Soy isoflavone is a kind of plant estrogen with similar structure with estrogen. It is extracted by pulse like soybean and black soybean which is benefit to human health, especially is close to female health all the time. It can improve skin condition of water and elastic, relieve climacteric syndrome, improve osteoporosis. Soy isoflavone also is natural chemical prevention of cancer. As for skin, it can make female skin smooth, tender, soft, elastic and with youth. Female can large breast by supplementing estrogen to activate fat tissue in breast to make the free fat goes to the breast.
Beautify function: having soy isoflavone in a long time can keep the estrogen in human body normal and postpone menopause to prolong aging.
Top eleven: probiotics
As the elder says:" skin is health only when your intestines are healthy". Probiotics recently has connection with skin care and is called as " good bacterium" or " intestinal platinum" which can be used to cure some diseases or disordered micro-biologies. It usually lies in the intestinal tract and is fine with human body like a group of peacekeeping force. It will form a protective barrier when there is foreign bacterium or toxin. Thereafter, toxins in the intestinal tract can be ruled out and of course has a better complexion.
Beautify function: enhance human immunity, promote the health of gastrointestinal digestion system and reduce serum cholesterol.
How to use edible skin care product:
Nourish outside from inside and insist on doing
It is just the same as using external skin care products, beauty is a kind of insistence. Edible skin care product should be taken for a long time regularly to keep your body and skin at a good state.
Having it with appropriate amount
All things in the world has a limit, so does edible skin care product. Over having vitamin may cause poison. Therefore, do not be lazy and have all the dose once in a day and have to eat less each time and have more times. Thus can guarantee the continuous absorption of nutrition.
The order of having it
You have to pay attention to the order when you are having several kinds of health care products and you had better consult the doctor or professional organization before eating to make sure that these products you had would not have counter effect .
When choosing oral health care product, you had better choose normal manufacture and do not be treated by deceitful advertisements. You also need to distinguish the content standard of effective components due to that the price goes up as the content goes up.

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