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Beverage with “Zero Fat” Doesn’t Mean Zero Energy

"Zero fat" can be equal to healthy? The reporter recently found out that some beverages on the market with "zero fat" tag are actually with "high sugar" which can be comparable to carbonated drinks.
As for bluff, activity lactobacillus beverage really did a good job. The benefit of probiotics to intestines, of course, is the biggest public point and if add one more tip of "zero fat", it is no wonder consumers will buy it.
I was once a big fan for activity lactobacillus beverage of some brand. Although I knew drinks are the shortcut of becoming fat, I had it again and again without hesitation since it was tagged with the comforting words "zero fat". However, this kind of "anesthetic feeling" disappeared very soon due to my little food nutrition knowledge. I found out that most drinks contain much white granulated sugar (the labeling principle of food ingredient list is it should be listed according to their amount, and white granulated sugar always ranks high on the list of activity lactobacillus beverage) and could not help signing the misleading "zero fat". I am pretty sure that "zero fat" is just shop sign after learning some knowledge.

Where does the fat of human body come from? Besides from food, the fat also comes from the carbohydrate and the carbohydrate contains the most. Although the content of fat is zero, there is still sugar which can make you fat. So, the "zero fat" is meaningless since energy is every where.
People all say that cola is with high sugar and high energy. I once has been told that a tin of cola equals to two liang of bun, but I found that the fat content of cola also is "zero". However, I did not find "zero fat" on the package of cola.

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