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Baby Between 3 to 6 Are Easiest to Rotten Their Teeth

The probability of having dental caries for five years old child is 66% and the probability of 12 year old child is 28.9%!
According to a questionnaire for parents, only 49% parents know about toothpaste with fluorine, and only 9% of them know about the function of pit and fissure caries. Zhang Jincai, the dean of Guangdong Stomatological Hospital, says at an activity held by Health Department, presented by the Dental Disease Prevention and Control Center and Colgate Company that, dental caries and periodontal diseases are the two most common diseases in our country and children between 3 to 6 are the easiest to have them.

It is said that from 2011, the Guangdong Government began to develop "Pit and Fissure Sealant Program for Children at Six Free in Guangzhou" all over the province and have already done for 15302 teeth. But the expert says that there are still many parents do not aware that the oral health of children needs the parents' support. The associate dean of Guangdong Stomatological Hospital Huang Shaohong says that in order to let children have a good oral health habit, parents should create a good environment at home: brush teeth twice totally in the morning and in the evening and the latter be done before go to sleep. parents should watch and help children grasp the correct way of brushing teeth. prepare toothpaste with fluorine for children at six. have sugar scientifically. have less carbonated drink. take the children to hospital for inspection once halt a year. cure dental caries early.

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