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Always Driving Too Fast may Cause Three Diseases

Cardiovascnlar and cerebrovascular diseases
When driving too fast, the driver is much more nervous than usual, and so will cause bad effects on the cardio-cerebral-vascular system. First of all, the mood is quite nervous, and people will be at a “stress” state and so the internal secretion system will work abnormally which demonstrates like vasotension, the increase of phenypephrine secretion, and so leads to high pressure and fast heart beat.
Skeletal system disease
When driving fast, the strong inertia caused by sudden brake will make your head, upper body lean forward suddenly which will hurt the neck and back muscle, cervical spondylosis and spines if there are some incidents.

Mental disorder
Driving fast to some people is a kind of method to lead off their restless mood. And think it the other way round, driving too fast often will change people’s mood and induce negative mood such as impatience and irritable. So some people will have mental disorder as time goes by.

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