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Add Some Ginger, Vinegar, and Garlic When Having Summer Purslane

At the end of spring and the beginning of summer, many people like eating purslane which can clear heat and detoxify. The expert says that purslane is cold food and should be added into some garlic and vinegar, ginger when having it.
The medical effects and way to eat of purslane

According to Shen Yanying, the assistant dean of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, purslane has some certain medical effects. The juice of fresh purslane can be used to cure eczematous dermatitis like acute red rash which has the effect of stop itch, clear heat and remove swelling. It also can be used to do salad. You have to remove the root and old stems and blanch with boiling water for about one minute after cleaning and then cut it up. It is because purslane has too much oxalic acid which can combine with calcium and forms calcium oxalate that is hard to absorb. In addition, it is cold food, so add some vinegar, ginger and garlic when having it to kick off cold.
Be careful when picking purslane

You should be careful when picking purslane. Do not pick those near the road since they have been polluted by automobile exhaust and insecticide. You had better pick those in the suburb bright and fresh. Besides, you should wash them with water for over two hours for the sake of safety.
Do not have too much
Finally, do not have too many wild vegetables like purslane. This kind of vegetable is especially unsuitable for the elderly, people with poor health and cold stomach. The pregnant woman who has habitual abortion is forbidden to have it.

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