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Sleeping pills may accelerate having senile dementia

Sleeping pills

Expert Interviewed: Xu Lanping, the chief physician of Neurology Department in Beijing chaoyang Hospital.
According to a report in EI Universal in Mexico, the author of the best seller One Hundred Years of Solitude --Gabriel Garcia Marquez is diagnosed as senile dementia. His brother said at the interview, in 1999, when Marquez had Lymphoma he began to have symptoms of senile dementia, and then the chemotherapy accelerated his memory deficits. Does chemotherapy medicine accelerate having senile dementia?
" Not only the chemotherapy medicine will accelerate having senile dementia, but also the ordinary sleeping pills the elder usually had will damage brain cells and affect the memory and cognitive power." Xu Lanping, the chief physician of neurology department in Beijing chaoyang hospital, said, " i have seen many old people who have situations of irregular sleeping and many people have the habit of having sleeping pills, especially for that the anti-psychotic sleeping pills is harmful to the brain and will accelerate the progress of senile dementia."
Sleeping pills, especially those tranquilizers, will reduce the excitement of nervous cells  through sedation and hypnosis. The pills inhibit the excitement of brain nervous cells for a long time and will damage the brain cells as time goes by and then become perpetual damage which will affect the memory and cognitive competence and accelerate senile dementia.
Of course, it is subject to the doctor after he evaluated the risk and then give your prescription that wether you should have sleeping pills or not. Some of the elder have been under serious insomnia for a long time which have affect their body badly, so it is also wrong to be afraid of having sleeping pills.

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