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Six Mysophoia Actions of You Are Asking For Trouble Yourself

Action one: pick your ear

Health disaster: pick your ears with cotton swabs will not only cause your wax embolization inflammation but also may cause your eardrum crack. In fact, there is no need to clear your ear canal and maybe somebody will be disturbed by the accumulated ear wax, however, you only have to drop several drops of ear drops of hydrogen peroxide or some mineral oil or oliver oil.
Action two: open your nostril
Health disaster: doctors of E.N.T. Department always meet patient with discomfort in his nasal cavity who use migranal frequently. In fact, overusing of migranal will make your naval cavity swelling and congestion or even affect the blood pressure. Therefore, you are suggested not to use migranal or drops for a long-term. And next time you can go to the drugstore to buy some salt water spray when your naval cavity congestion occurs again because salt water can slow your congestion by warm and humid your naval cavity without side effect. Also you can use antihistamine dose or steam your face with steam to dilute the mucus in your nose.
Action three: cut finger-nails
Health disaster: cut your finger-nails frequently may make your finger-nails growing toward inside and even worse cause bone inflammation or festering and ends at amputation. Even for ordinary finger-nails growing inside, it may need to be transplanted or sio-l the finger-nail root to prevent from growing reversely.
Suggestion: do not wear shoes that are too tight or small and do not cut the two sides of your fingernails longitudinally or cut your fingernails too short.
Action four: brush your teeth with your whole strength

Health disaster: you should not brush your teeth with too much force, or it will damage your enamel and gingival tissue and wear the cementum covered in the root and then cause tooth sensitivity or rot or deformity. If a new toothbrush has been damaged by you in a few months, obviously it is because you have brushed your teeth with too much force.. The correct force to use a toothbrush is that it is still new after six months. You should consultant the dentist for how to use a toothbrush.
It is wise to use a dental floss but it doesn't mean you can tighten your dental floss and then drag in your gum. In fact , you only need to stick your dental floss to one side of your tooth and move up and down to remove the food fragment.
Action five: over clean your skin
Health disaster: it is quite unhygienic to not wash your hands after using the bathroom for most men. However, there are some people who wash their hands again and again and still feel that their hands are dirty. The result is that continuous washing damages the skin surface and stimulate the nerve ending and cause skin swelling and itching.
Excessive care about cleaning may cause the lack of natural grease in skin and cause all kind of skin problems. For example, washing your face too many times in one day may cause your face dry and promote the growth of grease and then block the pore and becomes acnes. You have to remember that do not take a bath for more than once and you had better use shampoos withour alcohol and do not wash your skin roughly. And it is natural that there are maybe some cast from your body since we will fall off thousands of cells every second.

Action six: wash your privates
Health disaster: it finally comes to the privates. Undoubtedly, there will be hidden healthy risk if you pay no attention to hygiene. All kinds of itch inflammation will be caused because of the lingering excrement or maybe because you over washing. The natural grease will be cleaned up and then cause dry and itch if you wipe or wash your anus with paper or water too many times.

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