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Seven Kind of Ordinary Food That Cause Disease Easily

1. Broth
Broth is rich in purine which is the gathering place of various clenbuterol and chemical feed toxins. Excessive eating is the chief culprits of all kinds of chronic pain and is the direct induce of angiosclerosis and the biggest plant for all kinds of calculus. However, it is also the food that has the most heat which can nourish yin and yang when having appropriately.

Excessive having it is the origin of all kinds of disease which can dehydrate the cells and contract muscles , make people obnubilation, children hyperactive and infertility. But it is the king of flavor and can promote digestion and increase appetite when having appropriately. The WTO advises that people should have it less than 6 grams per day.
The traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the egg yellow is sweet and neutral in nature and can supplement spleen and stomach, while the egg white is cold and sweet which can nourish the lung and detoxicate. However, excessive eating may block the capillary and leads to blindness, or deaf or nephropathy. It can supplement blood and make your wise, sedate mind and calm down people.
4.Tea leaf
Tea leaf is cold in nature and tastes both sweet and bitter and is the best invincible opponent for protein, fat. Sugar and calcium. You had better have it within 10 grams everyday which can clear heat and dissolve toxin and refresh your eyes .
Wine is hot in nature and tastes sweet, bitter and spicy and flows directly into the liver, heart and stomach. Over drinking is the top killer of liver which is good at consuming blood and damage stomach and destroy periosteum and muscle nerves, induce urinary tract calculi. It can promote blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels and inhibit bitter and cold if had appropriately.

Over eating may cause your gastrointestinal mucosa dry and ulcer and disturb the digestion function. It can help sweat and spray wet and promote digestive juice secretion if had appropriately.
Strong acid food contains about 6% vinegar and the nutrition is mainly starches. Over eating may erode the epithelial tissue and soften skeleton. It can remove fishy and pyromex and kill bacteria and strengthen liver if had appropriately.

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