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How women at 30 complement collagen

After 30 years old, the production of collagen of our body begins to decrease with ages. The loss of collagen leads to the break of collagen peptide bond and the elastic net that supports our skin. And then the spiral reticulation structure will be damaged and the skin tissue being oxidized,become atrophy and collapsing ,then the skin will appear some aging phenomenon such as dry,wrinkle,loose without elasticity.
Women need to complement collagen after 30 years old
The skin expert Li Guangrui said that, 75% of our body are collagen in human skin dermis. When we were young, the body itself creates a lot of collagen. However, after 30 years old, its output will decrease as we grow old. Therefore, generally speaking, women older than 30 years old need supplement collagen to response to the skin problems like dry,wrinkles and loose caused by collagen loss.
In addition, women who are at these stages below also need to supplement collagen: UV active summer, just become mother,pregnant and lactation will consume a lot of collagen; when you are on diet, you get less collagen from food and at this time supplement of collagen does not gain weight ,also can help to accelerate fat metabolism to make muscles firmer.
Look at the formula first and then choose the collagen
In recent years, there are more and more collagen products available on the market. But there is some products which are not real. What do we need to note when we are choosing collagen?
The expert reminds that when you are choosing the collagen , first of all you need to recognize formula to avoid choosing collagen products with no compound . This kind of product absorbs worse since it does not contain antioxidants like VC and polyphenols.
Secondly, pay attention to that if there is ingredient in the formula does not suit for you, for example,natural estrogen like soy bean extract will increase the risk of having breast lobular hyperplasia and uterine leiomyomata since it has too high level estrogen for young women.
Finally, pay more attention to the collagen product formula to see that if it is strong enough since any kind of nutrition which is beneficial to human needs to be reach a certain dose that it can work. The human body loses collagen about 2000mg to 3000 mg everyday. If you are buying the collagen product out of beauty, you had better choose product that contains collagen less than 5000mg.
Eating animal skin is no useful to replenish collagen
There are some old sayings that eating pig skin and chicken skin makes people beautiful. However, the expert says that this is a wrong idea.
In addition, if you want to resist aging, women had better try to reduce the damage and loss of collagen. First of all, pay attention to sunblock since the ultraviolet rays in the sun damages the collagen in the skin significantly. Also you need to eat more food rich in antioxidant. Vitamin C not only promotes the combination of collagen, but also is a very good antioxidant. We also advise eating more vegetables and fruits that contains a lot of Vitamin C like carrots,tomatoes,kiwi and grapes.

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