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Have More Spinach to Get Away From Spinach

It is known to all that food is the first necessity. Some kind of food can not only provide the necessary food human body needs but also has the effect of curing. "Health" magazine in U.S. Has published a passage about the ten methods of dietotherapy.
1 Myalgia: have some sour cherry. Have a cup or two of sour cherry juice which can help eliminating the myalgia because the sour cherry is rich in enzyme that has anti-inflammatory attribute and its pain killing effect is equal to Ibuprofen.
2 Hypomnesia: have some sunflower seed. The sunflower seed is rich in vitamin E which is helpful to protect the brain neuron from oxidation and keep a good memory. You are advised to have a handful or two sunflower seed.
3 Poor eyesight: have some kale. Leaf vegetable like kale is rich in lutein which can help protecting the eyesight and relieve age-related macular degeneration.
4 Muscle injury: have an apple everyday. The apple peel is rich in ursolic acid which can help promote the production of insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 and insulin.
5 Low concentration: have an egg everyday. Egg is rich in choline which can help improve memory and make people concentrated.

6 Sken esnility: have an orange or 170grams of orange juice everyday. They contain lots of vitamin C and can promote the formation of collagen and keep skin elastic.
7 Depression: have more steamed brown rice. High-carb food and low-heat food like brown rice can regulate the serotonin that can control and inhibit depression.
8 Black eye: have a cup of green tea after your meal. The green tea is diuretic and can help rule out of the unnecessary body fluid and remove the black eye and the pouch.

9 Dried-up hair: have spinach everyday. The spinach in rich in vitamin A and C which can help the hair salon producing sebum to make the hair more bright.

10 Boring all over: have a banana everyday. The banana not only is rich in potassium but also is rich in magnesium which is very important to producing and storing energy.

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