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Carbonated Drink May Affect Child Development

As weather becomes hotter and hotter, all kind of beverages have their selling season all around the year. Children at home with air-condition or outside playing balls or swimming begin to consume a lot of soft drinks. As for this, the expert says that having too much carbonated drinks may affect the normal development of children and so the parents should pay more attention and control the amount.
" Drinks cannot replace white water as the necessity of child." said the professor Zhu Shunye in No.3 People's Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-Sen University. Having too much Carbonated drinks may do affect the development of child. There are data showing that 60% of the children who like carbonated drinks are being affected by because of lacking of calcium. Cola beverage particularly affects the development because it contains large amount of phosphorus and the child will be hypoevolutismus if he over drink which causes the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in the body.
In addition, it is not ok to have too much sugared beverage and dessert in summer. Zhu Shunye pointed out that " too much sugar is bad to the consumption of fat in body and will accumulate fat and then affect calcium metabolism. According to an analysis, if the amount of sugar children had has account more than 20% for all food, he might have calcium metabolic disturbance and it will be difficult for him to be tall." there are a saying in the nutrition: what you got by having heat without nutrition and having too much dessert and beverage with much sugar is "virtual calorie" which will disturb the digestion system and then affect normal diet and ends at mal-nutrition.

In addition, food that has little nutrition but can make you feel full also is bad to child. These food affects the absorption of other food and consumes calcium in the body which finally affects the development of children, " Parents have to pay more attention to child's height and weight. For example, for child who is short, 2 to 12 years old is the best time to cure it and you only have to regret as long as the epiphyseal closes", reminded by Zhu Shunye.

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