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The summer to eat the bitter melon can lean into "spareribs fine"

First, eat bitter melon need to pay attention to the points

1, bitter gourd must be eaten raw.

2, an not be soaked in water, the loss of effective substances soaked in water makes bitter gourd.

3, a day to eat the number of bitter gourd at least two more than four.

4, do not add seasoning, seasoning inside the spicy greasy substances will reduce the rate of weight loss.

5, it is recommended to use half an hour before a meal.

6, seeded, but do not peeled.

7, black bitter melon bitter melon effectively Road and expensive, and there is no need to buy, although it does not suffer, do not eat bitter gourd turned yellow.

Second, the bitter gourd diet recipes recommended

1, squeezed bitter melon juice or eat

The juice is bitter to lose weight and nutrients the most effective absorption method, however, do not forget that the rest of the bitter gourd juice after scum have to eat.

Bitter bitter gourd juice, if you have the courage, it is a drinking, can not stand, you add a kiwi or tomato together juice.

Remember, do not add the sweet fruit, the sugar will affect the stability of bitter melon weight loss.

2, bitter gourd mixed with kelp buds


Bitter gourd 250g, kelp sprout 5g wind soy sauce 1 tablespoon pepper at the end a little.


Kelp buds soaked, drain; bitter melon, seeded, sliced​​, add a little salt to grasp wash, squeeze the excess brine.

Bowl into the bitter gourd, kelp sprout, coupled with the soy sauce, sprinkle with pepper at the end can.

3, bitter gourd, celery juice


Bitter gourd 1, 2 celery, a little honey.


Wash the bitter gourd seeded, cut into small pieces into the juicer. Celery to the leaves, washed, cut into small pieces into the juicer, together with the bitter gourd juice, then add the honey can be.

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