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OL girls 6 recruit jilt fat abdomen(2)

Five, shrink abdomen pressure abdomen

A lot of the waist dewlap more women, it is usually because bad posture cause. When they sit down not hold your head up high shrink abdomen, fat is easy to be positioned in the lower abdomen and near the waist near. Therefore, we can take a busy doing some action make up for it.


1. Hands tightly compressed abdomen, meanwhile, abdominal contracting inward.

2. Abdominal contracting inward at the same time, with two am quite tight pressure abdomen, make abdominal as close to back general, then hard to keep tight state.

Six, legs to receive an abdomen method, to bear

This method is suitable for a long time to sit with people in the office, practice is simple.


1. Sitting on the chair, the waist straight, with her hands on her thigh two side, to hold the edge of the chair.

2. The abdomen, the knees toward the direction of the chest up slowly, at a peak to stop and count from one to five, then slowly put down his knee.

Such action continuous do six times to be a group, then rest for a while to repeat a group, and to eliminate the belly fat have very good effect.

In addition, the normal life habit can also lead to the waist adipose accumulation. So, want to have the perfect waist line, get rid of bad habits is very important.

Want to let thin waist effect more apparent, but also pay attention to the eating habits. Remember to drink more water, little drink carbonic acid beverage, soda and those high sugar content drink can make your stomach drum like a balloon. Eat less salt too much of the food, such as French fries, salted, canned food, salty food not only not healthy, also easy to cause oedema.

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