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OL girls 6 recruit jilt fat abdomen(1)

[reading] out of work, life and personal interests wait for a variety of reasons, many people have to day to computer, or office, or the Internet, long time sitting position cause abdominal fat increasingly accumulation. Family of computer spare time, quickly get rid of abdominal fat.

Many people think accept stomach effect is very difficult, actually otherwise, in front of the computer to receive an abdomen will have effect, today is to teach you how to edit in front of a computer to receive an abdomen, make you relaxed thin in the lower abdomen.

First, accept stomach massage


1. Try to accept stomach and do take a deep breath, vision after several 10 pat reduction.

2. Left hand to press in the right hand back in abdomen, massage clockwise 10 circle. A complete action finish for 1 group and do 2-3 groups.

This movement can tighten abdomen, narrow waist circumference. Note to receive an abdomen to control breath to have the effect, or effect little oh.

Second, almond when snacks

Like to eat between meals of you would be wise to choose the oh. The tasty nut contains rich protein, fiber, and powerful antioxidant-vitamin E. It contains minerals magnesium, is the body produces energy, build muscle tissue and maintaining blood glucose necessities. Stability of glucose can effectively prevent excessive hunger cause overeating and obesity. However, almond, the most amazing is that it can prevent the body function of the heat. Research found that the ingredients can reduce the cell wall almond human body to the absorption of fat. Therefore, in the stomach to digest almond before, it has become the "thin".

Pay attention to the best measure: every day, an ounce (about 23 grain), about 160 calories.

Three, abdominal breathing method


1. To imagine your DanTian (below navel three fingers position), a hypothetical "little balloon".

2. Use the nose, you sucked in air all the way from the chest and abdomen sent down, has been sent to the "small balloon".

3. At this point, your lower abdomen will be slightly bulge. And then, deeply exhaling, "little balloon" in air, by all the nose out.

Abdominal breathing method has three benefits: one is the help and adipose combustion. Because we can adjust the diaphragm human lung capacity, let the lung capacity increases. Lung in and out more gas, breathing in the relative amount of oxygen increase. We all know, fat burning need oxygen, so abdominal breathing can help burn fat. Two is to help emptying the body toxic gases, tight abdominal muscle. Three are to relax the chest, shoulders, neck line, let your upper body line more beautiful!

4, sit a bow on sports auxiliary

Although you can in the day started keep beautiful posture, but to keep the eight to nine hours of sitting this is difficult. Long time of knock on the keyboard, drive, sat in front of the television is the result of your shoulder will go round, jaw forward, your back muscles will relaxation, small abdomen will also highlight.

But research shows that, while you're at work have a little time, or even just a few seconds of time to do some stretching can help you keep your body straight, let you look more slender and won't reduce your work efficiency.


1. The body straight edge sitting in the chair, put your hands on your pelvic bone behind of a comfortable position.

2. Put your shoulder edge to squeeze together, gently shrink your abdomen, and at the same time to the ceiling direction promote your chest.

3. Put your head as far as possible the backward. Hold the position of 10 seconds, the whole process deep breathing.

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