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Whitening plans for summer skin care

Want to deal with the bad face of the dark, we must first understand the cause of the color dull, sallow reason, then anti-vice, anti-crime plan to go dull, basic first do not let you whitening the white workers.

7 major cause of dull, sallow

The content of melanin in the skin, hemoglobin content and cuticle thickness, stacking arrangement is neat, the stratum corneum water content and other factors related with the color, the following description of these factors affect your whitening effect, resulting in dull your complexion sallow reasons.

1, The melanin excessive production of

The kind of dull reason is more common who negligence sun. Can see the color of his face than the arm, leg color and deeper, if yes, may have their own sunscreen effort to do too little, excessive production of ultraviolet radiation to stimulate melanin. While the exposure under ultraviolet light, easy to make the skin cuticle injuries, the arrangement of mixed disorders, resulting in the rough touch of the skin surface, and his face looks natural look dull.

2, Horny oxidation

Radicals will bring aging skin, the stratum corneum is of course no exception, cuticle oxidation is the color does not seem a major cause of the glossy. Bring cuticle oxidation factors, including the ubiquitous electromagnetic waves in the life, to face the computer screen, smoking, exposure to air pollution of the environment, lack of sleep, will allow production of free radicals, bringing the cuticle aging. The exfoliating especially important.

3, Old waste cutin accumulation

The old cutin of waste no skin metabolism will be normal accumulation is in the surface, the accumulation of waste old cutin can cause skin tactility rough, also can make melanin is difficult to metabolism, this type of dark skin may be accompanied by a pore bulky, oil secretion frequent distress, if not appropriate to remove old waste cutin, even if to wipe again much whitening maintain article, also hard to be absorbed into the skin.

4, Skin moisture-retaining ability insufficiency

Aging, long-term face computer screen will bring skin dry. When the skin lack of moisture, corneous layer of the regulating function will drop, facing the sun, pollution resistance abate obviously; In addition, the computer screen of the static electricity will create many eyes to see, and see not subtle dust in the face deposition, also bring dark heavy good suspect.

5, Blood oxygen decline

The person of this type is not dark skin color, also the skin is dark heavy not because of trouble melanin, but microvascular hemoglobin oxygen levels insufficient. In the light, hemoglobin oxygen levels will also decided to look color of skin, when oxygen levels in the blood high, blood circulation smooth, color of skin looks will ruddy, luster, and if low oxygen levels, would look dark heavy sallow. A popular suffered can cause blood stagnation of diseases or not free, cause blood carry oxygen decrease in the ability of, also is the color of skin dark heavy reasons.

6, And rest not normal

Work and rest is often cause body metabolism ability to drop, influence the melanin and metabolism, lower epidermis repairing ability, can also cause endocrine disorder, further influence type of skin.

Night of sleep time is skin update, repair times, new cell growth, aging horniness cells in the elimination of the "your beauty sleep" time occurs, stay up too late or lack of sleep, can make a metabolic function no longer smooth, creates ageing cutin thick accumulation, skin natural lose transparency, present the gloomy the ashes of the dark heavy shape. Additional, because the hormone imbalance form of liver spots if a man always stay up, on the face liver spots condition may increase.

7, Non-ferrous material precipitation

Another reason is that sallow face non-ferrous material precipitation, the common to eat more kind of carotene food (such as carrots, papaya, orange, tomato) cause temporary skin to become yellow, but this type of "yellow face woman" need not too nervous, the temporary pigment precipitation as long as stop eating after a few days, will be through the body's natural metabolic ruled out and restore face.

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