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Summer weight loss method recommended

Body fat or thin in the year was volatile, high summer temperatures affect appetite, clothing and women in the summer with less prominent figure also purposefully shrinking food. Therefore, from spring to summer, people generally speaking relatively thinner, with this basis, the summer weight loss is relatively easy. In many sports, which one is the summer to lose weight the fastest way to it?

1, swimming

Swimming is the most suitable in the summer. Can resist the hot weather, but also slimming, it can be said is to encase weight loss in the entertainment. And swimming can burn calories every 20 minutes butterfly swimming can burn 470 kilocalories. Therefore, the pool in the summer do not just want to forward to play in the water, taking half an hour to burn fat. But swimming descendants will be particularly tired and hungry, after swimming to do the diet, in order to ensure that the calories consumed can not be added back.

2, playing badminton

Lot of girls like to play badminton. Playing badminton can lose weight you know? Play 30 minutes a day of badminton, and can consume 160 kilocalories. However, if a long time have not played badminton, exercise time after the next day, the hand will be very limp. Played badminton after right arm massage. You have to practice badminton but also improve the flexibility of the body.

3, blow up balloons

Blow up balloons sounds a bit bizarre, but it does burn calories. Each successive blow 50 balloons and running 10 minutes calories burned is the same.

4, skipping

Skipping a suitable aerobic exercise for weight loss. Skipping the cost and space requirements are not very strict, you can also exercise at home. Skipping 30 minutes a day can burn 440 kcal of heat. MM you want to lose weight can be considered skipping, but we must persevere. After the end of the rope skipping, it is recommended that the kneading massage the calf, so that the tension leg relax, to prevent the leg into the leg muscles.

5, to play volleyball, table tennis

The play is a burning body fat movement. In addition to playing badminton, consumption of calories can also play volleyball and play table tennis. Playing volleyball with the strength of the arms and legs, so Xiangshou arms and thin legs, you can choose to play volleyball. A day playing volleyball for 30 minutes can burn 160 kilocalories. Play table tennis does not seem to burn calories, if you are wrong to think so. Play table tennis can exercise the muscles of the body, but also improve people's ability to respond. 30 minutes to play table tennis every day, you can burn 130 kilocalories.

6, water jogging

Water activities there will be great resistance, the drag on activity in the air 12 times. 100 meters of jogging in the water can consume 65 kilocalories. This resistance can take advantage of the burning of body fat and burn calories. Jogging in water conditions require a relatively high operability is not strong.

7, playing squash

The fastest way to lose weight in summer is a game of squash. Playing squash consumed calories, lose weight quickly in a short time, but also the discharge of body fat and toxins. Playing squash every day 30 minutes can burn calories more than 450 cards. Playing squash venues and high speed of response for girls, exercise a little harder.

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