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Summer small fresh floral nail is the most eye-catching

Summer, nails should start a colorful color synchronization.Small fresh summer nail is a good choice. A variety of colors with the people feel good, every once in a different conversion a good mood. The following is a series of small summer fresh nail style, you find something you like?

Floral has always been a summer's eye-catching single product application on the nail than the more eye-catching floral dress.

Then again, different collision color, different style, different results!

One of the essential elements of the heart the child is also a nail, you are not the habit of inscription plus a the Pursuit heart children? This, directly to get started!

Veritable hikers models, green grass with white flowers.

Not the same as French, studded with little gold edges, drawing the bow. Lovely line at your fingertips.

The hit of color is no longer the clothes of the patent, plus a good diamond, nail necessary.

Inspired by Peter Pan, only slightly and network tutorial is not the same, to retain the collar for a shirt.

Small animal paintings on the nail is not nothing new, but so lovely ladybug?


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