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Four thin waist movement to help you lose that waist fat

Long-term office work easily lead to obesity, especially women, do not exercise a long period of easy to grow pot.The beauty of the girls that end was very distressed. , Waist fat how to lose?

1, Sit-ups

Supine from the sitting in high school physical education classes learned, it can be said that the movement of the most traditional thin waist, but the effect is very obvious, the method is also very simple, not high on the practice site requirements. MM at home to practice is not a problem. So you can try to use the thin waist of the sit-ups. But in order to quickly thin waist, do sit-ups to lift the body and the ground angle is preferably not more than 30 degrees, so that the waist exercise. Hands fit on the back of the neck, but not too high. Every practice insist on doing one minute.

2, Squat jump

Practice this squat jump action best pad or on the grass, falling to maintain a balance, so as not to twist the legs. Standing, open feet width and shoulder width. Arms holding each other on his chest, slowly squat down to the knee at right angles, tighten the buttocks, then thigh upward force to push up. About 10 times each, 3 sets.

3, Leg Taitun the

Supine in bed or on the mat, his hands palms down, on both sides of the body. Right leg bent, lift left leg and on the bent right leg. Tighten the buttocks muscles, slowly lift your hips with the power of the waist, until the back straight and hips in a straight line. Hold the position for a few seconds, then return to the curved leg posture. Then repeat the action, done right leg, left leg again. Each side to do the three groups, each done 20 times.

4, Take a deep breath compact abdominal

By breathing the thin waist. Relax, take a deep breath through your nose, mouth and then slowly spit, spit out the inhalation of 70%, hold your breath. And then from the lower abdomen, then you will feel the gas left in the body rise to the chest position. And then muster the abdomen, you will feel the gas down to the abdomen. And then slowly through your mouth to spit it out. Repeat this inhale exhale 10 times.

To quickly thin waist, in addition to do the movement of the thin waist, also need to pay attention to diet. Eat foods high in dietary fiber, and reduce the risk of fat accumulation in the body. Eat low-fat foods, such as soy foods. Eat more foods rich in vitamins. Vitamin can promote metabolism, promote fat metabolism, has a role in weight loss. Best lunch to eat dinner to eat breakfast, and eat less.

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