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Sunscreen during the day and night to be remover

The sun is shining, the sunscreen in the morning and then go out, has become everyone must do their homework. Go home at night, clean the skin with the facial cleanser, it will not forget the skin care process. But you know what?Ordinary cleanser does not completely remove your sunscreen, even without make-up, we also recommend you to use a remover products.

Sunscreen during the day must be at night completely up remover

Q: Why is coated with a sunscreen must use the remover products be removable?

A: Because sunscreen is waterproof anti-sweat sunscreen containing water-insoluble ingredients. Good general cleanser to wash away the dirt of the skin, the stratum corneum can not be a good sunscreen is water-insoluble ingredients wash. Such a long time, and the residue will clog pores, causing acne, acne and other issues that may affect the absorption of skin care products.

Q: remover products are divided into many categories, such as make-up remover water Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Milk, a different texture remover ability to affect it?

A: In general, the makeup water, mild, but removable ordinary sunscreen is enough, strong efforts to clean the Cleansing Milk, can be used for removable makeup and sunscreen remover oil clean the strongest can be removed highly water-resistant sunscreen and heavy makeup. But in fact, the name is not absolute, the key depends on the product itself.

Q: What would still have to use a remover products facial cleanser do?

A: Of course to use. Remover products, and the function of cleansing products, make-up remover product has lipophilic purpose is to remove the skin surface of the foundation, makeup and sunscreen isolation products, no cleaning effect on the skin itself, so be sure to run out of remover products cleansing products, to clean residue after the skin surface dirt, grease remover.

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