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How to use the pores of the skin care products will be successful invisible

Then heavy makeup look, if not will pore success "invisible" is also failed, so for the rough pore nursing we must not ignore. So how to use the pores of the skin care products will be successful invisible? Today is bring you make such as smooth eggshell soft "zero" secret pores.

Why become so bulky pore, you know the reason?

1, if your skin is corneous layer thickness not timely cutin, piled up the layer will hold big pore, lead to the pore bulky.

2, when your skin show aging phenomenon, but have no in time when nursing, is the pores of the skin invasion moment.

3 and if you long blain blain or black head, and use hand to dig, to pressing, it is easy to hurt the dermis, thus let the breakdown of the epidermis pore bulky form.

4, when you do the clean face film and not to use water will shrink pores of convergence steps, then your pore easily so not normal contraction, becomes bulky

5, when skin face water shortages, lack of sleep, metabolic disorders of various problems, could cause pore bulky, and that is why we in casual rough pore is to harass your reasons.

Pore big classification, find your pores for

Water type coarse pore:

Water shortages of rough pore type mostly stay up late because for a long time at water or skin condition, leading to the pore bulky. So deal with water type coarse pore, the easiest way is to moisture, edit the proposal chooses contains hyaluronic acid, collagen protein and moisturizing factor of skincare products.

Cutin type coarse pore:

The accumulation of corneous layer let pore bulky, so for this kind of rough pore is the easiest way is to remove the skin surface of heavy accumulation layer, make pore gets breathing. Edit the proposal chooses contains fruit acid or chamfer grain grind arenaceous product cutin nursing care.

Oil field type coarse pore:

Oily skin, adolescence, eat the oil was formed with the source of the glossy skin, so to oily skin pore bulky is the norm. For oilfield type coarse pore, select accuse oil and hamamelis, calendula, plant chemicals can improve rough pore phenomenon.

Aging type coarse pore:

Skin's natural aging brings the rough pore, and we should depend on strengthening the skin tight degree to realize zero pore, so contain vitamin A or soybean part to protect skin to taste is tight aging type coarse pore of good assistant.

And pore closely linked to habit, you may not know

1, where, clean the skin must be conscientious and meticulous, of course, including daily discharge makeup steps, using professional discharge makeup product will skin surface and pore of colour makeup residual swept clean.

2, must ensure a good sleep habits, designated sleep, will let the metabolism of the body law cycle, so that it can provide good environment let pore normal metabolism.

3, avoid by all means must not careless massage, particularly can't take makeup massage, massage with the right way, along the skin growth track acceleration metabolism cycle.

4, once a week was clean face film, not only can eliminate skin surface redundant cutin, clean face film will deep pore dirt and residue thorough cleaning, and to tighten pore, make the skin become more smooth.

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