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Be careful of a water effect

Make up water role has been fashionable beauty who recognized, it can adjust skin acid-base, secondary cleaning skin, help skin to absorb cream nutrition. But, make up water and is not everything. There's mastercard. A lot of manufacturers face make up water market this huge cake, a policeman will think up some exaggerated or inaccurate propaganda.

1, pure plant components

In people advocating nature today, pure plant things are particularly welcome. But, it is necessary to clarify one thing, and that is a chemical structured, no matter use what means get, it must be the same effect. So whether pure plant extract, or chemical synthesis, as long as is the same kind of ion active agent, the effect is not two. In fact, extracted from plants to technology and equipment ion surfactant for very high, and refining concentration is surprisingly high cost, never is one hundred yuan of right-and-left prices can win. And, pure plant products are not long shelf life. So, a lot of cheap price so-called pure plant components make up water, in fact, are not contain ingredients, only to plant flavor or color to attract customers.

2, whitening

Make up water can only stay in the epidermis, secondary cleaning skin. But, to be base layer of skin cells melanin, make up water is at all hopeless. Use make up after water, you feel clear white? The small make up only say, this is your psychological effect.

3, protect wet

Make up water just wiped to skin, the skin will water water, but, the function of water for the skin is limited to replenish water, but it does not contain grease, also is not locked water function, if not besmear protects frost, skin moisture to evaporate, will still dry than the original.

4, must be the same as series and grandma frost are used together

This is miss drive across the beauty of the most commonly used one of the words. As if to tell consumers, want to make except knit frost work, must use the same brand of grandma, or the effect is not good. But in fact, basic skin care steps, not really that a company of a particular product unique to other products completely impossible to replace. And every company has some bad product, some contain irritant substances, some poor ability to prevent bask in, have a plenty of make skin water content of excessive saturated keep wet agent, with the same home all the products of our company not necessarily the best effect.

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