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Alternative usage of the cream

Your cream useful, you know? Do not know does not matter, I quietly tell you that your cream can be used as the Gallery to use. Almighty cream you to find the techniques used.

1, After the fall and winter, your summer with liquid foundation, relatively speaking, moisturizing good. Then you can use cream mixed liquid foundation, liquid foundation in summer self-made ​​foundation cream to enhance moisture sense.

2, Cream hybrid glitter, painted in black stockings outside Tibet free fall electrostatic. In addition to mixing the glitter cream in the evening when you go to the PUB, more sparkling effect!

3, If your cream is a light scent or flavor, then you can add your favorite essential oil or fragrance in cream. But remember to add essential oils or fragrance proportion should not exceed 2% of the cream the total number of grams.

4, Can be cream sold as first aid film on the party

5, Travel forgot remover products available than when applied more than three times the amount of cream to sell make-up remover cream with good results!

6, In the manufacturing principles of skin care products, creams and washing mask can not be too much, so, you can sell the cream to do washing mask.

7, To buy a face cream is not suitable or no longer want to use cream, add salt in the cream, do body scrub with.

8, After a period of cream, do not throw it to shoeshine but very good shoe polish.

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