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Ten kinds of hairdressing food and eat out white tender skin

At the moment of every day in the women to have lovable person skin is elaborative, some use advanced cosmetics, some go to splurge beauty salon, more at cost to cosmetic etc, was slow and expensive. Is there some simple and convenient method? According to many expert introduction, actually in daily life many food as long as you reasonable absorb, can make your skin light up. The following food for you to must not strange, they were:

1, Broccoli, it contains rich vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, enhance the skin's ability against injury, will help to keep the elasticity of the skin.

2, Carrots, carrots help maintain skin cell function, reduce the wrinkle skin, keep skin smooth and delicate.

3, Milk-it is the skin in the evening's favorite food, can improve the skin cell activity, have delayed skin aging,, tension, eliminate the effect such as small wrinkles.

4, Soybean, which contains rich vitamin E, not only can destroy the chemical activity of the free radical, restrain skin aging, but also can prevent pigmentation.

5, Kiwi, rich in rich vitamin C, can interfere with the melanin, and is helpful to eliminate the freckle on the skin.

6, Tomato-contain lycopene, help opened out wrinkles, make skin smooth and delicate. Often eat tomatoes still do not appear to black rim of the eye.

7, Honey-contains a lot of easy be absorbed by human body of the amino acid, vitamin and sugar, often eat can make the skin ruddy and delicate, luster.

8, Skin, rich in collagen and elastin, which causes the cell to become plump, reduce wrinkle, enhance the skin elasticity.

9, Salmon---and the omega 3 fatty acids can eliminate a damage the skin collagen and moisturizing factor of the biological activity material, prevent the wrinkle, avoid the skin become coarse.

10, Kelp, it is rich in minerals, often eats, can adjust blood acid-base value, prevent the skin too much grease secretion.

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