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Teach you use opportunely whitening essence

Whitening essence can is in short time to skin with clean white change, let skin to bright, light spot of the effects, but you can really use whitening essence? Today editor told you how to use to make whitening easier.

Key points 1:

The common saying say a white covered three ugly, whitening is as if all female will focus on one of the points, want to do well the daytime protection whitening in addition, sleep in the evening before whitening gold time you also must certainly grasp!

Key point 2:

First you will do a perfect sleeping beauty, sleep more than your beauty sleep, make melanin also entered the sleep state, this time in daily skin care after you need to use some whitening ingredients of high concentration whitening essence to intensive whitening. We should follow the daytime protection, night repair principle, because the night the metabolism of skin speed faster than two to three times during the day, can be faster to timely metabolism, scattered melanin, remove to make the whitening effect.

Key point 3:

In the whole face use whitening essence can be spotted in after the place again used essence, has reached the effect of secret repair.

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