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Most security chamfer simple method and moisturizing + clean

Every week surface of skin metabolism, too many old cutin of waste builds up in the skin will cause skin burden, so use to keratin removing skin surface old waste cutin, and make the skin to breathe. Remove the cutin can help maintain article nutrient absorption, prevent skin coarse dark.

Cutin the meaning of existence:
The cell of corneous layer contains Angle keratin protein. It helps reduce water evaporation, and even can absorb moisture, make the skin keep wet.
Beautiful careful machine: aged cutin is to be removed, but the number of times the removal rate of peace to master a.

Gentle massage technique to cutin 4 steps
Step1: go down the muscles around the lips to the circular arc form to the play circle.
Step2: bridge of the nose place from the top down straight line small rub, the alar place by the outgoing inside a circle.
Step3: forehead with middle finger or ring finger, to light up on both sides of a spiral massage.
Step4: cheek place by next upgrade gently.

Excessive to corneous layer, can lead to corneous layer become very thin, skin sensitive, serious can appear red blood silk.

Red blood silk skin daily prevention:

1, enhance skin exercise, often with warm water, wash your face, enhance skin tolerance;

2, do not use of heavy metals in cosmetics, avoid the deposition of pigment, toxin residual skin;

3, try not to some laser cosmetology project, do not destroy the skin cutin layer;

4, local skin allergy less with corticosteroids ointment;

5, more usually a window ventilated make air circulation, reduce the skin sultry stimulation;

6, often massage face, promote blood flow, help to increase flexibility capillary wall;
7, daily attention to give skin moisture, prevent the skin moisturizing dry desquamate;
8, avoid spicy food stimulation, such as alcohol and tobacco.

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