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Morning don't use mildy wash

If you don't know the habit of daily skin care what not appropriate place, want to change of course mentioned. So, we spoke with dermatologist, they gave five daily skin care is the most common of the bad habit. Acknowledge them, and get rid of these make you one long blain, dry, rough skin of bad habits, let your skin reproduce radiant young side now.

Morning also use grandma? Might as well try water wash my face

If you have a dry skin, morning use soap to wash a face or cleaning products can let the skin more dry.

Dermatologist advice: beauty &skin care experts Ellen Marmur told us: "clear water can be used only in the morning, wash a face at night cleaning products available. Water can enough to help clean the face, but also help protect wet."

The fans gal of high temperature gem? Try to reduce high temperature exercise

Washington's dermatology home Hema Sundaram said: "if your skin is not too can withstand sudden cold flash hot stimulation, or don't to go to the gym. Some of the high temperature reducing weight class, such as high temperature yoga, indoor cycling and Tracy Anderson training can cause skin pigmentation, especially the face often get from the sun's area."

Dermatologist advice: if you already have some brown spot tendency, consider using, tonga, yoga to replace the sauna it.

Always breakouts? Try frequently change bedding

Bank said: "if always up, that your acne may is one of the prime pillow." Pillow can absorb protects skin to taste, the drop dead skin, bacteria and nighttime skin secretion of the grease, when you tossing and turning, these things will all go in the pores. "

Dermatologist advice: New York's Columbia University hospital of dermatology home David Bank said, "at least a week a change of bedding, if two times will be better."

Always stay up? Don't embezzle part time to sleep

New York Lenox Hill dermatologist the attending physician Howard Sobel said, "long-term lack of sleep can lead to a chain reaction, it will lower the body collagen output, and skin cell renewal of repair ability, make the skin looks lack of energy and dry wrinkles, is also very easy to increase."

Dermatologist advice: psychological and sleep medicine expert Michael Breus said, take a gentle shower or bath bubble will raise the body's core temperature. When the temperature began to fall, melatonin would release, we will feel like sleeping. Shower or bath 10 minutes, in view of the heat will make the skin becomes dry, in before he goes to bed to make skin moisture.

Long-term use of oral contracepties? Is time for a change

Oral contraceptives contain hormone will make in the face of the sun pigment cells more sensitive, from dry lead to the growth of freckles.

Dermatologist advice: Sundaram told us: "let the doctor to help you get some small doses of hormones, including birth control pills, such as Yaz, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo or excluding miniature of the female hormone pill. Often apply sunscreen will also useful, but if you take medicine will pigmentation, that in pregnancy will also so. So, no matter whether pregnant, the high content of female hormones are cause you to produce the culprit freckles."

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