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Japan is the hottest to bloated massage method

In fact, protect skin to maintain, in the final analysis is not you maintain article how expensive, but your maintenance methods of reasonable! Despite the severe winter, because the dry climate reason, edema and an heavy is troubling skin the two big problems, through the simple massage technique, can double winter maintain article of skincare efficacy.

1. The whole daub cheek

Apply adequate amount to the emulsion or cream, put on A hand after heating, and blot out all over face, wrapped in A palm cheeks and forehead, gently press, help product absorption.

2. Promote neck cycle

With joint parts, as shown in figure along to the outline of your face, massage along the neck outline down, so repeat 3 ~ 4 times, promote the blood circulation to the face and neck, help discharge waste material.

There may be slight pain, it is the body discharge waste!

3. Upward push emulsion

His half clenched fists, knuckles parts to press the side cheeks, gently upward push, promote the emulsion absorption, repeat 10 times or so.

4. Massage facial muscles

His half clenched fists, same in order to knuckle site, press and delivery is cheek muscles, until the eye lower part, then let go, repeat 10 times or so.

At this time the cheek began to feel a slight fever.

5. Lateral temporal massage

His half clenched fists, withstand gently temporal, slowly upward push, slightly hard, help to remove waste, refreshing.

6. Round eyes scraping eye week massage

The thumb withstand gently temporal, knuckles take turns in the eye socket place index finger, massage, and promote blood circulation eye week.

This massage action can make eye frost is better skin to absorb.

7. Forehead drainage massage

Hands gently press knuckles forehead, among the to both sides massage, slightly hard, can improve TaiTouWen.

8. Press the temporal

Use forefinger knuckles, gently press temporal

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