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How to reduce neck wrinkles

Basically, the maintenance requirements of the neck and face is not much different, need to clean the exfoliating increase brightness, gentle massage to increase compaction flexibility, enhance moisture to avoid dry lines, good sunscreen to prevent skin relaxation early aging. Skin care extended to the neck and shoulder area.Add tips, neck and shoulder lines for your sexy plus.

1, Health

The neck like the treatment of self-face we attach importance to the proud be sure to love to your neck.

Step 1: basic hygiene, use a mild cleanser to go to health, to remove dust on the surface to the deep health.

Step 2: Exfoliate, can make facial products, but the neck skin than the thin face, appropriate to use a less greasy product should be applied particles careful exfoliating product, rub massage a spiral manner from bottom to top. neck near the ear part but also a thorough health, and then rinse with water or wipe a wet face towel.

2, Neck + Neck Mask

In addition to basic sanitation, but also like the face of the neck using skin care products to care for.

Step 1: every day, using the Neck or compact products. PRO Shaping nursing neck, nursing procedures and facial warm Cleanser health first, then shoot on the alcoholic ingredients of toner, and then cast the Neck. Wipe Shaping process to go a proper massage.

Step 2: scheduled use of the neck membrane. About one week to do a neck membrane is also necessary. Specifically designed for the neck neck membrane, such as buy, available mask or cloth mask instead also choose the market square and the neck piece of the mask. In addition, you can also self-order modulation mask: egg accompanied by starch and honey into a paste, evenly coated in the neck, 30 minutes after the wash, tighten the skin useful.

3, Massage + care operation

Step 1: neck massage. Night to go for the neck massage is also a good way to avoid skin drooping. The first chin slightly lifted, and then with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger position from near the collarbone, from bottom to top with a gentle intensity of massage to the chin, then use the same gestures on both sides of the neck to the location of the ears. In addition to the anterior neck massage, neck massage is also not be ignored in our ears after four weeks sideways down a gentle scratch after oblique way of massage, resulting in blood circulation, eliminate puffy face and neck pain, to avoid wrinkles showing.

Step 2: care operation. Specific exercise methods: neck full forward flexion forward to reach the chest, back should be avoided when the head and the ground to reach the parallel. Alternating rotation to the right and left sides, the side of the muscle so that it is fully extended, the last all-round rotating neck, driven by the neck with the head draw a large circle, turn right End turn left.

4, Drink plenty of water

At least 2000 ml a day (6-8 cups) in order to meet the water needed by the cell.

5, Chicken bone soup

Often soup with chicken bones, which chondroitin can improve the elasticity of the skin fibers; or lily trotter stew glial able to increase the elasticity of the skin.

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