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Before sleeping ignore this three steps let skin aging 15 years in advance

Bedtime nursing believe that everyone have in doing, but why still appears dim light skin? Yes, that's because you may ignore is the most important to maintain three steps before bedtime. Today will tell you exactly how to do before sleeping to protect skin to make our skin appears tender young!

During the day, the skin in order to resist the external damage and every moment on high tension, a day down, not only tired, and is more likely to strike negative performance. By this time, need you at night in the quiet and peaceful environment gentleness comfort your skin, make it more than of relaxation, the more it compensatory nutrition, a day for the next of the stored energy.

In the day of cosmetics, skin sunshine, dirty air and radiation suppressed all day, and at night can be through the breath. After eight hours of sleep, you should advance for skin doing what? The metabolism of every moment, for the body burns calories, maintain the normal operation of each place inside body. And the skin metabolism in evening 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. most active this time, at the same time, the night also is skin "toxins" the most active free radicals, if can wisely held these a few hours, the metabolism of the night will be bright skin to regain the secret weapon, "the sleeping beauty" is the birth of such! Many people will think before skin to maintain is is divided into a number of steps, for the pretty, with convenient lazy girl for greed? Don't worry! Today will tell you actually have so three steps to maintain before sleeping is the most important of the most can not be ignored. The three steps every day, you can head into the ranks of the sleeping beauty; And ignores the three steps of words, your skin may old than others aging 15 years in advance! Ladies should pay attention to.

The first point: the face deep clean

Reason: many girls know to after clean face to sleep, but the cleansing effect depends not only on the your efforts, the most important is clean face product quality.

If not completely clean, with cosmetics and bilge remain overnight skin, can block pore, cause acne, itching, still can cause pigment precipitation, form spots, accelerate skin aging.

Only making deep clean, the skin can very good absorb water and essence, make your maintenance effect the wasted effort.


1, the flow of warm water clean face with the most appropriate, do not use hot water, lest make the skin of the natural moisturizing oily cent loss;

2, clean face time shoulds not be too long, the most ideal time is 1 minutes;

3, first the cleanser fall in palm DaPao, besmear again foam to face;

4, with the method of looped massage cheek, the tactics soft as far as possible;

5, do not use towel after cleaning the face to wipe, gently with face towel dry water seal can, can dip in the best light apply face the towel cold water, tightening the pores.

The second point: wet face nursing

Reason: the importance of the skin filling water as you all know, this is not the all-weather negligent.

And the sleep of filling water appears to important of judah, make the skin to drink enough water, keep skin in the night to complete repair and new life.

Water in the skin after food, water soon will be lost, so for skin care is the key to lock water step! Ready to pay and lock water, young tender skin is from our close!


1, will be bright skin water fall in cosmetic cotton, face down on the by wipe;

2, with both hands face gently, promote skin water absorption and, at the same time help shrink pores and keep skin flexibility;

3, fall right amount moisturizing lotion in the palm, rub hands even open;

4, will rub hot hands, facial by next upgrade on the massage skin, help emulsion cream absorption, and prevent wrinkles.

The third point: eye, neck, and nursing care

Reason: heard the line? The most easily expose women age place is my eyes and neck.

The eye skin is very thin, very easy to appear fine lines, black rim of the eye, troubled; Neck parts of the oil secretion is very small, very need to add moisture and fat.
So I want to let skin refused to grow old, must take care the two key parts!


1 eye frost, daub when had better use unknown finger the abdomen power, for unknown finger the abdomen and the power of the elastic medium, the skin feel most comfortable.

2, moisturizing lotion or with the cream massage neck, besmear emulsion when by next upgrade gently massage, help tiras skin, make the neck skin absorb nutrients.

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