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5 skin care tips to keep the natural flavor of the French woman

Is what makes French women look so satisfied, the skin looks very perfect. Balance is the key, the French woman is not only a balanced diet and balanced lifestyle.To understand how they are correctly done, then read on, try these secret trick to make you like France Barbie luster bright ...

1, there is one they will never do that would be over the maintenance of the skin, of course, include excessive cleaning.

2, using a mild cleansing milk, avoid the use of coarse soap and products containing strong detergent ingredients.

3, the use of toner. This is because the toner will not only be able to re-clean the facial dirt also helps makeup, quickly add water.

4, use the mask. Twice a week to soothe your skin, let your skin rejuvenate.

Prefer a more natural look, you want to use multiple functions moisturizer, and almost do not use cosmetics. Sounds amazing, is not it?

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