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Teach you not dizzy makeup tips

Dinner parties, the bound to play high working all night. How to let the oneself is in after all night still have beautiful makeup look, not dizzy makeup? To learn a few tips together!

To keep on makeup when long lasting

After the bottom makeup, take honey powder gently press dip in the face, then use make up water in 30 centimeters away from the face of the position gush to face, so that can rise to keep your makeup. The next is eye shadow, eyelid love the oil of the MM may in time, eye shadow is one tuo tuo distinguish don't come out color, in the eye shadow before, must use eye bottom makeup, it can effectively avoid eye shadow eyelid drape because the oil situation such as the flower of the cause makeup phenomenon. And then look line brushwork, use first look line stroke a look line, this one look line from eyelash root as close as possible, so that the eyelash to fill the space between the color, make eye makeup look more eye-catching. With and eyeliner after the same color as the eye shadow powder added again look line again, this is equivalent to look for "calm makeup". After the little look line with dry can brush is dizzy look line, create natural effect, also can use slightly wet eyeliner brush paint more clear look line. With the liquid eyeliner draw again look line, take care not to draw the line twice before the edge, you'll get a lasting look line effect.

The party will often fill makeup to avoid embarrassment

To wipe away in addition to sweat

In the make-up before use kleenex gently press of the whole face, the surplus sweat to wipe away except, such ability won't let fill out the makeup of non-uniform produce phenomenon, must gently pressure, let sweat natural adsorption in the paper towel, or just wipe the sweat will only make your wrinkles born two years earlier, more will make your original cheek is red and pink to mix together, produce the crumbling trace.

Sweep the glossy

If you face has oil can fry an egg, what frivolous makeup effect in? Now change paper of oil absorption face on the whole face, will be the face of the float pink, residual makeup completely suck except, from the most easy to the oil nose, chin, and forehead began, gently press, if not take paper of oil absorption face, ripped a toilet closestool sit paper, although it quality of a material of thicker, but oil absorption effect is excellent.

Repair bottom makeup

Now is dry and wet powdery cake when blood, to a few times for the principle of powdery bottom, will the sponge wet hind crowded go to excess water, with slightly wet sponge fill powder, can let the bottom makeup lasting. Use light pressure way dip in powder, from a wide range of cheeks began to sequence daub forehead, chin, nose, and finally to pay attention to the corners of the mouth, the hair, the local people medium subtle, until the new powder and old makeup fully fusion.

Do eye shadow

In the eye makeup before, must stick or stomach will cotton mottled eye shadow clean, can repair eye makeup have relaxed and natural, won't produce uneven color piece condense. Dip in with the brush apply adequate amount of eye shadow, a little dusting a draw up dust, in order to avoid excessive daub, appears thick. If eye makeup destroyed, fill in before powdery bottom have to first use liquid will fall eye shadow and clean it up, for a good powdery bottom up again after new eye shadow.

Remodeling double lip

First of all, with paper towel to wipe clean lipstick of residue, then clean again lips spalling cutin, sipped sipped a lip, don't look down upon this action, it can make a lip color as just kissed a natural ruddy, then fill the new lip gloss. With the lip brush dip in a little bit of labial colour, lip brush in the central, then gently dizzy leave, can give a person pure and fresh feeling cold. With a thin layer, keep time is long, besmear too thick, but easy to fall off.

Night after Night after nursing care can't lie prone provinces

After the Party back home as directly to want to throw the bed sleep? So the approach but will let your skin filed a protest.

First of all to do well the complete discharge makeup steps, general party eye makeup will more dense, first choice thick layer 3 make up cotton, and will discharge makeup fluid soak the lip eye make up cotton, cotton will make up wrapped in eye ministry, which can quickly unloading eye makeup, then use 30% more than usual amount of discharge makeup fluid from cosmetics to stack the most cheeks began to clean, by playing the means of the circle massage the whole cheek, law grains and grain area easy residual cosmetics, repeatedly massage.

After discharge makeup to make facial moisture work, at the same time for local area respectively to repair. Stay up late and thick makeup to eye damage is very big, layer coated with soothing effect yanshuang as firstly, and gently massage along with weeks, have pressed into the eye skin effect.

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