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Teach you how to use specular highlights great "camouflage" pure and fresh makeup look is love

Introduction: natural beauty has been is what we are familiar with, no matter how popular mac makeup, cannot resist the pure and fresh and natural style, want a perfect natural beauty to do? Plain yan? Still need not do? You are wrong. The recommended a abundant often use things--highlights great, it's a magic. All of you to become spoiled, don't miss it!

Highlights great is a "deceptive" one of the products, it can let you of the facial features quickly become stereo rise, camouflage a plain yan also beautiful pure and fresh face. Learn how to use it is very much worth it, use proper you can present a bright pure and fresh looks, but using the wrong words, may become shine skin texture (in the hot summer this is the last thing you want to do to see it). Below are about to tell if according to the color of skin and skin to select and use specular highlights great.

Highlights products should be consistent and skin color, or bright 1 to 2 degrees. Recommended dry skin use cream quality of a material, oily skin with powder quality of a material, the effect can be more natural conspicuous. Try benefit hold their head high pen (RMB 240), quality of a material soft pink pen for everyone can let makeup look more perfect, let your eyes and double eyebrow look more young and sexy. Or M.A.C silk soft block defect cream SPF15 (RMB 190/7 g), choose to compare color of skin high 1-2 degrees color, can be used as highlights great use.

"In the face of the high surface use specular products." These places including such as zygomatic, bridge of the nose, eyebrow bone, lip and chin (place of).

Used when the amount must have less, avoid not natural with one finger gently pat on the face highlights powder, then a finger abdomen evenly daub.

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