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Popular Japanese steam for beautiful skin

Recently in Japan, a kind of call "steam hairdressing method" beauty of the popular method the hot, in the home with steam as long as they can accomplish face machine. Japanese girls is how to play to the steam skin care, cold steam discharge makeup, join essential oil moisturizing...... The value of the steam engine play to the limit!

Steam let pore smudgy out after oil dirties, use make up water is wiped clean, continue to use make up water wet apply, is the lowest cost of home spa a recruit.

Step1: let steam injection face, the face evenly heat and steam, about 5 min.

Step2: wet with the make up cotton, the excess water and wiped his face oil dirt.

Step3: put a piece of cosmetic cotton, on average, after wet with the tear it into two pieces, apply is in two buccal dry place, and open the steam engine let steam continue to heat, make pore absorb water and nutrition, about 5 min.

Vapor would "to the" due to the whole face other vulnerable parts including eyes, experts suggest using a "can be directly on the skin" compound fine dew, especially suggest rose or jasmine, not only excellent moisturizing effect, fragrance more soothing. NOTE! Naked art is only applicable to the pure water YangJi, other machines please read instructions.

Step1: add 1-2 drops of essential oil, Suggestions, and lavender. Pick the roses with moisturizing efficacy.

Step2: let steam spray to the usual relatively dry area, strengthen protect wet.

Step3: by hand for facial ministry skin massage for simple, let composition more even penetration.

The high cost and the effect is very good home SPA gimmick! Use first surfaced in the steam help acne, remove the icing effect! Final reoccupy import instrument strengthen protect wet, the effect is like do face.

Step1: let steam concentrated spray in acne prone areas, following and the tip of nose, forehead, and.

Step2: with acne is pulling, pull out economies-and acne.

Step3: collocation import device, will protect wet hairdressing fluid into the skin.

When discharge makeup, open the hot steam, make pore diastole, convenient and clean bottom skin; Experts suggest collocation of discharge makeup product use habit, evaporate face no more than one minute, with the facial cleanser secondary wash my face.

Step1: hot steam collocation discharge makeup oil (milk) even besmear.

Step2: side evaporate side to draw circles unloading two buccal bottom makeup.

Step3: eye to eye head to draw circles unloading eye color.

Step4: gently rub is kneaded eyelash eyelash creams, the unloading.


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