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For small 10 years old painting makeup

Let's attention on the red carpet the most glaring 6 makeup look, super clear figure and original analysis allows you to learn charming colour makeup of professional skills. Tell you these the most popular makeup look behind, which contains the cosmetics master secret know-how?

Sienna Miller's classic red lip

Miller proved to us, deep red lips whether of sexy, or the brilliant young girl ripe female, always all is the most attractive. Makeup girl Emma O 'Byrne and gave the classic modelling added small change: sparkling cheek to let whole makeup look have contemporary feeling.

Make makeup look:

1, draw a black look line, outside canthus place just to extension a little. O 'Byrne recommended glue, glue line because look line "not dizzy catch, look nice". Only brush on eyelash eyelash creams.

2, using brown cheek is red on the cheeks sweep on a pink Y cheek is red, and then hit the highlights: put on in zygomatic tan bright pink, up again, put on bright pink champagne.

Three, for your lips brush on a layer of deep cherry color lipstick. If want to lip color is bright, can use with lip brush, if wants to downy effect, can use with your fingers on the lipstick, gently point.

Minka Kelly tan cheek is red

And with a healthy tan grooming powder and cheek is red let Kelly look glamorous. Her makeup girl Mat healing garden the healing garden w VanLeeuwen said: "my inspiration comes from the skin burned her much struck, and her feel the chest ceremony skirt. She reminds me of the young Sophia Loren."

Make makeup look:

1, on eyelid with brush on the bead light light brown eye shadow, orbital drape is in the brush on golden brown. Then use purple eyeliner stroke eyeliner. She said: "more than black, purple can make eyes clever." Brush again on black eyelash to cream.

2 the grooming powder, bronze from Saul to the temple area has been cheek, then in zygomatic place sweep on rosy cheek is red, to combine two kinds of colour.

Three, to the coral pink lipstick as makeup look event. She said: "coral pink downy and tonal and approximate powder blue will produce the cheek of visual impact, make the perfect effect."

Emma Stone dazzle eye pink lips

The chroma of such high hot pink lips really lively and sexy. Make this makeup look mark of brand makeup girl Mai Quynh said: "I loved this colour and Emma white color produced by the visual contrast!"

Make makeup look:

1 in zygomatic, on the cheek is red and pink circle.

2, in order to make the glaring double lip can more lasting gorgeous, please Quynh like the brush on colour that cascade: brush a colour lively lipstick, then use the same color lip gloss on the floor.

3, choose plain and neat eye shadow, let your eyes look concise and relaxed. In black liquid eyeliner describe look line, finally brush on eyelash to cream.

Kate Winslet elegant overflow

Winslet don't fix let powder, need not any other things help, can send out a unique boundless glamour. Makeup girl Linda Melazzo said: "even in on the red carpet, I also like to let her show the beauty of their own."

Make makeup look:

1, tu shangfen fluid to skin the render. Then Saul on eyelid gray eye shadow, with stone gray strokes in line on line, then brush on black eyelash to cream.

2, on the cheeks on the peach frost shape cheek is red, has been wiped to zygomatic lower part. Garnish with similar colour silty cheek is red sweep on a layer.

3, canthus, eyelid middle and upper lip lip peak points, with finger point to carry bright specular highlights. With the shallow pink lipstick and lip gloss finish.


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