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Eye ministry discharge makeup don't slack off

The correct clean is a beautiful skin first step, tender skin around eyes, so eye discharge makeup is the top priority of the discharge makeup link, don't protect good eye ministry is very bad. Today is bring you eye discharge makeup six correct steps.

Though is the small eye area, but discharge makeup absolutely cannot careless, if discharge makeup not clean, come down for a long time, you will have the eye skin pigment precipitation, then panda eye with you for the whole life. Quick to learn how to completely discharge is divided, eye makeup.

Cotton club touchs discharge makeup fluid cleaning eyelash to cream

Step1: ready to 1 a cotton swabs and paper towel, tissue paper in half to put down eyelid will, close the eye, reoccupy touched discharge makeup fluid of cotton bud, under one from the eyelash root downward erased. Then open eyes, will put paper towel next eyelash bottom, then with a cotton swab down by one from the eyelash root wipe down under.

Step2: use make up cotton dips in special eye discharge makeup fluid, in eye ministry press lightly 5 seconds, let it have plenty of time to dissolve eyelash line, the waterproof composition.

According to the texture of eyelid by eye head to eye end slowly discharge makeup

Step3: drops a bit discharge makeup fluid to cosmetic cotton, then close your eyes, in accordance with the texture of eyelid, the eye head to eye end direction slowly erase; Wipe the look line position when the eyes look up. Try to avoid excessive tensile eye skin to produce fine lines.

Step4: clean eyebrows first by the theory after the graze, reoccupy makes up the other side of the cotton against a direction of the eyebrows from outgoing and brushed.

With the cotton club is touched take discharge makeup fluid take care to wipe

Step5: eyelash with eye shadow after discharge, look line or eye shadow of makeup still left in the tiny eyelash or eyelid in the folds. With the cotton club is touched take discharge makeup fluid, and the direction of the vertical eyes wipe carefully. Lest cosmetics stay in fragile meticulous eye week skin, skin damage.

Step6: wipe down brow unloading eyebrow shadows.

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