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Eye makeup common 5 big trouble

[Reading] Winter finally comes, cranking, skin began to "revolution", want to draw a good makeup seem to become more difficult. Today gave you five eye makeup to solve problems.

98% women will some eye makeup-no deep eyes with stereo feeling

Many girls will complain about their eyes not enough deep, not quite stereo, or look more bloated, or look nothing spirit.

Edit a court: eye dropsy is not deep east "disease", but if you know how to draw eye shadow, it can make your eyes appear stereo rise! With purple and gold the formation of strong contrast, make deep eyes up.

Simple degrees: ★★★★

95% women will some eye makeup trouble-eye skin is not clean

Almost every girl will be asked questions is, the winter eye makeup, around the eye skin always appears very dirty, not very clean. Even if no black rim of the eye of girl, finished eye makeup skin also always appears dark.

Edit a court: winter skin metabolism slows, horniness, and easily dry desquamate, especially fragile eye skin is even more so. Thoroughly this problem, the daily maintenance will have to do eye, do sufficient moisture, the skin can appear dark heavy. Secondly, in the face skin before powdery bottom, on the bottom of the first eye cream, with the eye cream carry bright eye week skin, and then used the face of white powdery cake with than a color number on the powdery cake eye week skin, and then again on the face powdery cake, the last big brush with uniform and open facial ministry skin. This eye week skin won't appear too dark heavy, also won't appear too bright white too outstanding.

Simple degrees: ★★★★★

90% women will some eye makeup trouble-eye skin dry lines dressed up more obvious

Girls all said that, originally eye week of fine lines, dry lines are not obvious, but as long as spent makeup was seems to be that they, dressed up not only show tender, but it also seems to show old!

Edit a court: the problem with on a problem not relationship, fragile eye week are the first to show the makeup of defects. Want to completely solve, practices, or with the above mentioned, moisturizing and moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle. After that, every time before makeup, must not forget the eye daub, especially in the winter, the usage of the eye can best more, plus massage promote eye week skin absorbed. And then in the eye creams, after the powdery cake, with moisturizing spray distance spraying, finally use rub hot hands cover in eye week and keep 10 seconds.

Simple degrees: ★★★★★

70% women will some eye makeup with small eyes-how bigger

Ask this question of girl a lot, and most of them in the double or, all want to know if through the eye makeup will small eyes and blond.

Edit a court: small eyes become a two methods, one is through to stick double-fold eyelid folds will become double-fold eyelid, eyes natural will show great, but this technology difficulty is higher, intentional become beautiful girl must be patient practice, practice must be able to perfect. The other way is through look line will become big eyes, small eyes girl in double draw look line when must not spare, look line to make big, or eyes a zheng will be in double eyelid blocked, meanwhile, look line end must upgrade becomes warped, this is the mention of big eyes key; If you don't mind makeup is too strong, it should be painted look line, from distance eye end probably a third of the place to start painting; Note that look line must form a coherent whole, intermittent eyeliner will make the eye appears dirty.

Simple degrees: ★★★★

60% women will some eye makeup-roll become warped eyelash with not enough

Almost all the girls know, roll become warped eyelash eyes can show great, but not all girls know how to brush the roll become warped eyelash, even a girl's reaction, she brush out eyelash, a collapse down to the afternoon.

Edit a court: eyelash brush is already belongs to the most simple eye makeup steps, but why do so many people brush bad? Here is the head of the skills involved. Brush eyelash small skills have eyes to see, put the root ministry of eyelash to come out as far as possible, the eyelash brush a head to insert the eyelash root, keep 2-3 seconds, and then go to the eyelash pull, while eyelash fluid not dry can make fine-tuning, the eyelash brush more thick. Lack of brush the girl of eyelash experience can use eyelash flap, or make up cotton gently frame on eyelid, in order to avoid eyelash brush out.

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