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Expired milk chamfer moisturizing both

Milk expired, general how do you deal? Is lost, or doing what? Especially in the cold winter, the skin can become dry, the time when we actually can use those already after the period of milk for your skin moist it.

The facts proved that use overdue of milk for skin care or to have certain effect, because expire milk can produce a kind of acidity material (lactic acid), scientific proof that belongs to a kind of fruit acid lactic acid, can help you in winter to soften the effect, still can rise to a certain degree of moisture.

The first to find milk can protect skin is cleopatra, like to use milk bath, found that after a bath more skin fine and smooth, in fact overdue of milk can have the effect that protect skin reason why...

Overdue of milk will produce the lactic acid, in the bath process can soften.

In addition, contained in milk fat ingredients, so the whole milk skin effect than skim milk better effects.

The difference between the two is actually that the amount of fat. But expired milk produced because fat content and lactic acid will not have an effect.

But note that expired milk if there have been particles or agglomerate phenomenon is not to use, because the lactic acid not agglomeration, agglomerate milk protein, at this time of milk or don't use.



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