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Excessive maintenance be careful with beauty obsessive-compulsive disorder

The more looks beautiful people, keen to maintain, the skin condition good people, the more vulnerable to "beauty forced syndrome". Beauty obsessive-compulsive disorder, make you the beauty, the easier the skin aging. Beautiful also wants the health, a new generation of women to beware of "beauty obsessive-compulsive disorder"!

What is "beauty forced syndrome"?

On his skin condition always feel dissatisfied, frequent change protect skin to taste, spent 3, 4 hours or more beauty, less than 30 top did begin to use of frost, every week to go to more than two cutin, even every few months go to a dozen "botox," see beauty product can not but buy down, which may well be the had "beauty forced syndrome".

"Beauty obsessive-compulsive disorder" in psychology is called "body like barriers", that is not exist objectively appearance defect, but subjectively think they are ugly, and painful psychological. Patients often for this restless, work, can't concentrate and melancholy, suspicious, total feel all of their own faces in whispers. They tend not to go to see a psychologist, but find plastic surgeon requirements to correct its "looks defects".

"Beauty forced syndrome" performance

The more looks beautiful people, keen to maintain, the skin condition good people, the more vulnerable to "beauty forced syndrome". When get a "skin good" praise, will hope in the second day more people praise "you more and more beautiful"; When the face of the obstinate discoloration dodge, dreams of the near future can have the envy of everyone and flawless face. When maintain article can't solve the existing problems, and even cause new problems, love the psychological deeply, it will work harder to find new, more suitable maintain article.

1, maintain article is too complex

Excessive maintenance, first is refers to the use of maintenance product category is too complex. Some of the United States eyebrow in order to guarantee the skin without any problems, simply put solve various skin problems all kinds of products of the all income bursa, these products are used every day in the face, it's an excessive maintenance, because, in this way, many kinds of skin care products can let skin to produce to adapt to the disorder, but can make skin condition are endless.

2, maintenance time is too long

Next is the maintenance time is too long. Some people would say every morning and face before sleeping, dozens of minutes of maintenance time enough, maintenance time should be more beneficial is good. Actually each protect skin to taste is more or less a some "side effect," do maintenance time is too long, can have excessive maintenance of malaises. In addition to mask the relatively long time some outside, general foundation maintains time in every ten minutes advisable.

3, excessive clean

In addition to these, excessive clean and maintenance of a kind of expression of excessive, such as the use of face film times too much, too many face film sort, use chamfer simple product too much, and so on, these are easy to lead to "maintain obsessive-compulsive disorder".

"Beauty forced syndrome" harm

Excessive maintenance and frequent makeup, would disrupt the original skin metabolism and regulating system, causing dry, allergies, fragile, blain blain, is a real "skin poison". "Beauty forced syndrome" brings the most direct consequences, is not expected to skin perfect, even more and more worse. When you find yourself is just a slightly forced tendency, then you have to simplify daily tedious skin care steps; If already seriously affected life, will seek the aid of a psychiatrist, to move away from dependence on cosmetics.

1, the accumulation of fat grain

For example because use too much nutrition cream cause adipose bead problem. The start of fat grain you may not too much attention, but over the long haul, your eye week skin began to be bunches of fat grain occupy, want to eliminate is not so easy thing....... Even look for professional beauty salon, will return to normal skin condition, also need some skin cycle time.

2, skin layer thin sensitive

Some people think that many skin problems because of no clean in place to cause, so all sorts of cleaning products, face film product will become the main steps to maintain, but once the skin excessive clean, can cause the skin surface is too thin, now this season, it's very easy to allergy.

3, moisturizing excessive easy flabby

And some girl most feel safe moisturizing steps, once the water too much the same can let skin flabby, without burnish.

4, too early maintenance early senescence

In addition, some of the girls to give his skin the best maintenance, always would advance "consumption", be in the skin not appear before condition, began to prepare for a rainy day, but the maintenance of harm is directly in advance to an early start to skin aging, in skin to maintain article over age after the age of the skin is also reached over age state.

Experts support away from "beauty forced syndrome"

1, self force method

For example with a regular alarm clock, let it every three minutes ring again, bell rang loud said "stop!" Immediately in the mind is forced to drive concept. Or in the head appear forced idea stood up and do other strong action and loudly say "stop!" And then again ordinal to switch to normal voice, a voice in the heart until only said "stop!" To banish forced ideas and intention.

2, behavior to suspend the method

Behavior to suspend method is forced to suspend the compulsive behavior with perseverance of the control mode, such as when the idea and up, he was I meditate on: "there is no need, I have will control it."

3, substitution method

Alternative method is not associated with thoughts and behavior to replace forced ideas, intent and behavior of the control mode, for example in appear forced to recall interesting when symptoms to go immediately to the situation or engaged in highly concentrated all kinds of activities, namely distracting.

4, "charged with makeup" training

(1) to understand cosmetics excessive use of the harm caused by skin;

(2) to make plans, control cosmetics expenses;

(3) decrease make up the program, from the steps reduce dependence;

(4) in the mirror every day of his smile, establish self confidence. And good friends never wear cosmetics take a group photo close, stick in the mirror, and remind yourself of the determination to change.


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