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Colour makeup five little skill prevent mouth red flower makeup

[Reading] A successful makeup look how can in less labial makeup for your bonus? In fact, than other parts of the lipstick makeup look more easily spend makeup makeup, the morning carefully painted perfect labial makeup at the afternoon would have no profile, that this 5 action to prevent the super efficient mouth red flower makeup small coup sure can help you.

Use embellish lipstick or colorless render lipstick

Lipstick and colorless lipstick can not only keep the lips water embellish, put them on his lips can also with form an invisible film to prevent the lipstick makeup.

In the lip line daub within the scope of the lipstick

Particular way is: first on his lips cover on thin a thin powder (this step also can skip) and then with colorless or light color of labial line pen draw the outline of lip line, then put lipstick daub in that range, so lipstick will not overflow the lips, lead to spend the embarrassing situation of makeup. The image from backstage pass, modelling division and lipstick with labial line pen of the same color to strengthen lips outline, with colorless or daily can incarnadine lip line pen instead.

But if you hate lip line

If you don't like to use the lip line, we'll teach you a flower to prevent makeup: first on his lips take some sweet pink, besmear again lipstick, then work open. Repeat the process again, but the second you don't have to work away. Or the first time after the popular with oil absorption paper or kleenex gently cover, will float on the surface of the lipstick stick to, and then again daub, can effectively avoid lipstick makeup.


Chamfer should is to prevent mouth red flower makeup, lips peeling the most efficient way. Can use facial exfoliant, also can use brown sugar + olive oil homemade natural grind arenaceous cream, keep the soft make lips state.

Checking to see if you are using??????

If no matter how to avoid all the makeup and flowers to condition happened, that it might be you use the product formula is too old or it is not very good quality. Try other products can appear the same situation, the throw away when you throw them away, do not save the necessary investment to perfect makeup look.

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