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4 recruit fix delicate fashionable makeup look

Introduction: this is a simple makeup look very suitable for drive to work every day some and don't have much time to make up the girls, how in the limited time change piece delicate mac makeup look? Below together and see it.

Korean bottom makeup is always the Asian women learn model. Will the fluid foundation with dots of means daub even, strengthen the stereo effect, make level abundant well.

When the block defect of easy to overlook is eye socket parts of the dark. Orbital dark heavy, can use brillant brightness yellow block defect cream to the point pressure evenly distributed way.

Use argent eye pressure, eye socket place, extended to canthus play bright. If you don't want to make blue eye shadow too obvious, but by outside canthus went on with two-thirds of the dizzy after eyelid, performance look line effect.

In the hair edge joint brush on coffee color is grooming, emphasize the outline stereo feeling. Hair forward by along zygomatic decorate, gradually close to laugh in muscle color gradually shallow. The jaw forward extension dizzy catch modified.

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