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Four big Hollywood star Europe and sexy makeup look

Introduction: whether popular blanket or street snap, they are all very will rob mirror of Hollywood stars Europe and America, from sexy figure, colorful dress, fashionable makeup look, is a perfect match.

Michelle Trachtenberg
Want to become pure but person neighbor girl, so pink department cheek is red and lip colour, is not two choices. Can weaken the face stereo feeling, this will have more young girl of taste.

Cody Horn
With fixed eyebrows glue eyebrows, very handsome. The weakening of the eye makeup and pink lips, neutral contains a female soft.

Eva Longoria
Deep color of skin whether can very well to control the orange cheek is red, the key depends on the color transition. With a mixed color effect of double color cheek is red, by wiping inside extroversion, more show small stereo face.

Jennifer Maison
Deep ga color eye shadow besmear is full whole eye socket, using two or more chromaticity of powdery bottom, create perfect makeup look stereo feeling. Like a statue of ancient Rome, perfect grave.

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