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Which cotton coat for a small girl—Massiness also show high

Guide language: the cold winter, the little girl is the most trouble the seasons, because warm heavy clothing more easy to let a person appear bloated short, but this is not the law, as long as the pick of clothes, wintry day can also display the tall figure. Today is relatively small for you choose a few fashion show is tall figure, let you warm and refused to short.

Hot hired single product: fur hats accept waist warm clothes

This kind of thick wool cap (, tender however tender pink suit with a lovely breath of girl, the design of the waist outline waist line, make a perfect proportion, this is the key to show high, down a short black skirt collocation, pantyhose and high with short boots, spin leg ministry line, in addition, wide at the narrow wearing appear more show slender legs.

Hot hired single product: false two long coat cultivate one's morality

This coat is the highlight of false two design, relaxed and spin and proportion, waist the deck of the waist designs extremely curl effect, warm not bloated, simply collocation legging have stylish elegance.

Hot hired single product: down bunting

This type of purple super short money is very suitable for the little girl down, the design of the big turndown adds a few minutes of nifty feeling, inside take long money sweater, build administrative levels feels.

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