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Warm color makeup, winter warm color scheme

Winter cold snap to incoming, use warm color attune colour makeup to increase the thick warmth for makeup look, big in selected from fashion inspiration, from the eye shadow to brow, from lip color to cheek is red, choose all kinds of warm color match colors plan, easily break drab and boring, let your face in the cold also can warm coruscate glorious!

Shallow brown & pearl powder

The light brown zygomatic shadows + with a pretty pink cheek is red, very suitable for color itself slant red women. Want to get natural cheek is red effect, can try to "tick" makeup way carry bright two buccal, created with a pink is tender lovely there is no lack of again warm breath of makeup look, and contains the effect of bead light pink light labial colour, can make double lip present bright feeling, effective for slant deep tonal makeup look carry bright.

Pink and dumb light mei red

In the winter want to create rich simple sense and warm meaning of makeup look, the recommended options frost shape cheek is red, it is can more fully with foundation to fusion, and frost shape quality of a material can produce more thoroughly tender water embellish makeup effect, after use, your skin will be like a silky polishing makeup feeling. For skin white women, shallow pink cheek is red is the best choice, white inside deeply red and is very natural, and mei red lip gloss to join dumb light carry bright effect, can effectively fixed too pale face, let makeup look more rich health of warm ruddy blood.

Violet & wine red

Violet eye makeup is often part of cold tone, but if you join partial wine red after the gradual change effect dizzy catch, can let elegant deep purple give rich administrative levels feels warm tone edify, make the eye feels have look, not be wind fanged ChuiChui, and have no spirit. Suggestions on the eye makeup with eye frost before playing render, such colour makeup article will more stick, eye makeup more abiding.

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