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The drawing double-fold eyelid look line, winter 2011 popular makeup look to teach you how to draw sootiness makeup

Introduction: into the cold winter, many girls have begun to lazy in makeup, a beautiful beautiful makeup look not only let others pleasing to the eye, more can let oneself mood cheerful, so no matter what, just do not lazy to make up. Today bring 2011 winter of the French pop makeup look sootiness makeup, and details of the law and how to double eyelid look line draw sootiness makeup, make charming elegant makeup look.

Today to bring you the makeup look is mature female elegant makeup look, clean bottom makeup makes a women's exquisite feeling, key in the eye makeup part, attractive sootiness makeup build a mysterious watery eyes, send out women unique "Power".
Step 1: use finger to point to an abdomen touched take the golden honey with bead light eyes of large area in the eye socket place daub, to render eye makeup. (a bead light eyes honey can let eye shadow more apply during make-up.)
Step 2: to use eye shadow brush touched take gray eye shadow in the eye head 1/5 point to eye end daub, daub when upward, and to extension; And then from under eye head 1/5 place along eyelash root daub, finally will eye at the end connection.

Step 3: with black eyeliner carefully fill the gap eyelash root, the space between the every eyelash all picture, until eye end last eyelash can. (sootiness makeup focus on the eye, so for the eye makeup of highly demanding.)

Step 4: in eye shadow is brushed with bead light touched take silver eye shadow is brushed in eye head place, this technique is French sootiness makeup characteristics. (eye head part carry bright can let eye makeup more apparent, the eye also can appear more.)

Step 5: use thick model eyelash creams from the eyelash root with Z began to brush the fonts, make thick black tip on eyelash.

Step 6: with the brush touched take highlight powder in t-zone and eye week big C place gently brush to wipe away, carry bright middle part of makeup look.
Step 7: finally use lip brush touched take the color of the lipstick even naked daub labial ministry, make pure and fresh and labial makeup. So a mysterious French sootiness makeup is made complete.

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