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Simple 4-step concealer acne spots are not seen

The first step: the skin bright

Skin bright

Specific steps:

1, with the middle finger and ring finger picks up a little BB cream, start with more cheekbones spot start.

2, from cheekbone to promote uniform to the eye, face, interpersonal, nose up at, respectively, from the middle brow, push down evenly.

3, and finally with the remainder of the pulp powder coated on the eyelids, and you're done it!

Step Two: Initial Concealer

Initial Concealer

Specific steps:

1, using the pen concealer makeup product, the first in his face painted parts need concealer concealer.

2, with the face to enhance pulp press the docile concealer degree.

The third step: local Concealer

Local Concealer

Specific steps:

1, when products using the cream concealer with a cotton swab dampened with a concealer, point defects on.

2, out with a cotton swab from the middle point of the manner in circular opening.

Step four: loose hold & Oil

loose hold & Oil

Specific steps:

1, choose contain moisturizing ingredients of frivolous and loose powder, and to the oil in places, with can enhance the degree of apply during make-up puff, touched take pore block defect honey powder gently threw himself on.

2, in the face of dry place to use honey gently brush to paint a can.

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