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Recognizing the skin, help you test the skin ph

Do you know the sebaceous film? From the corneous layer in the leather fat secretion out the sebaceous glands, cutin cells produce a lipid and form of a film called sebum membrane. Sebum membrane damaged, breaking the skin sensitive, easy to dry. This is why we often say not much go to the source of the cutin reasons.

Health skin membrane PH 4.5-6.5 is weak acidity

In order to keep the skin healthy, the human body secretion of a sebaceous film out weak acid, best PH 4.5 6.5, can be protective skin against outside stimulation to invade. Often go cutin can cause skin membrane are weakened, when this layer "a protective film" to have the loophole, the skin healthy and natural threatened.

Health perfect skin benefit from skin membrane

Barrier function, sebum membrane is the most important skin water locking a layer, can effectively lock the moisture, prevent skin moisture transition evaporation, and to prevent the outside world water and some of the material through, and the result is the skin water content of normal state.

Moist skin, skin membrane is by the sebum and water emulsion and become, its lipid part effectively moisturize skin, make the skin keep lubricant and nourishing, and make the skin flexibility, lubrication, rich luster; The sebum membrane water can make the skin keep some wet, prevent weather-shack.

Sebum membrane is the skin surface immune layer, anti-infection role, sebum membrane of some of the free fatty acid can inhibit the growth of some pathogenic microbes, to the skin purification self.

The damaged skin membrane such repair

1, often go cutin of girl, to stop you foolish behavior it. If you are not oily skin, don't need once a week go cutin nursing, weaken the skin against ability, the loss outweights the gain. Be careful sensitive, red blood silk seek to come.

2, to have damaged the sebum membrane, can choose low bubble type, no bubble type, clean face product. Much bubble type of cleanser, contain of emulsifier and surface active agent, foaming agent can damage skin membrane, and make the skin's immune system and water locking function abate and the formation of the dry and sensitive skin.

3, to do more to protect wet and prevent bask in, use the outside help skin health force ascension means. To prevent the skin is dry and ultraviolet radiation damage.

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