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Natural skin slants black people how to make up, the magic of makeup skills easily turned white

Introduction: born black skin how become white is a very headache of things, for color of skin dark heavy girl, it can be used in addition to protect skin whitening technology besides, still can use colour makeup makeup skills to become white. Here is a look at how the people black skin slants make up it.

1, The right daub pink colour makeup skills
The method is to bepowder bottom pink with middle finger belly point in the face, then gently stroking the natural uniform, pay attention to the eye socket, nose, mouth and on both sides of the small place to special flap carefully, don't too thick or wipe less than.
2, According to order daub pink
The order of bepowder bottom from the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, eyes, mouth, don't forget in the hair, ears, neck and other body parts exposure also apply some, and by the strong to light transition.
3, Neck calm makeup powder
For long black girl, it must note, neck is also to be blotted out of powdery bottom, not will appear white face black neck phenomenon, the neck with the powdery bottom to besmear after a calm makeup powder, lest collar will powdery bottom erase, bear in mind that these colour makeup skills.
4, Remove the skin surface the float pink
After finish with pink with clean soft paper will apply to the surface of the powdery bottom gently wiped, let skin pink and maps.
Warm prompt: black skin is compared commonly dull, if use some bright white model powdery bottom can make the skin more luster, more transparency, black beauty want to remember these colour makeup skills.

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