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How to turn simple daily makeup look, quickly make OL work makeup look

Introduction: just take the pace of the school, to work journey, but found to work all need simple make-up modified. Then you will turn simple daily makeup? Total for how to turn is daily makeup and frustration? Now the absolute untie your distress!

STEP1: facial quick makeup look
In the process that protect skin, choose suitable segregation frost firstly, and then can pick the suitable block defect fast daub black rim of the eye, spots, such as blain to imprint facial defects. Then choose, the fluid foundation with fingers MaFen push the liquid, pat, let the fluid foundation to smear evenly. With a few honey again with powder puff decided makeup, cheek is red brush when smile, then the top inclined up blotted out.

STEP2: rapid eye makeup
With eyeliner painted fluctuation look line, then brush with a little dizzy catch, eye shadow can use fingers abdomen daub, use the temperature of the finger let eye shadow more joint. If time is too cast eye shadow can not paint, even though only the eyes can also draw look line is a spirit. Skillful techniques can be used after liquid eyeliner, more quickly than eyeliner. Use eyelash can grow eyelash to cream to fast effect effect.

STEP3: extreme labial makeup
Give your lips with lipstick plus light lip can. Or choose moist degree high lipstick, one pace reachs the designated position.

GIVENCHY phantom JiuGongGe powdery cake
9 kinds of colour, 2 heavy makeup effect, the possibilities. Powdery cake and money colour will dumb light color piece harmonic, can even color of skin; And bright color piece is a pearl powder in the outline to face shape, prominent line feeling, capture light, need no further the thinking, bold fusion's various kinds of color, texture blend, delicate shape you acme of perfection facial makeup look!

GUERLAIN close close bead light lip gloss
Guerlain close close bead light lip colour, a can enlarge the visual effect of colour and strengthen the new era of diffuses light lip gloss. Rich in nourish the wax lips, lightsome and not sticky greasy, soft smooth surface make double lip plumper. Waterproof liquid formula, the lasting shine. Unique "strong color" formula, can even, strengthen the XianYanDu color particles.

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