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How do the phoenix eye make-up, draw look line skill get rid of embarrassing

Introduction: the phoenix eye of the girls most of the eastern feminine charm. But how the phoenix eye makeup just won't give others over distances? Teach all of the eyeliner techniques out of embarrassment, make close to people makeup look.

Step1: dizzy catch eye socket
First we use light color eye shadow is brushed the eyelid to render, garnish with coffee eye shadow is brushed eyeful plait, then dizzy catch up the whole eye socket.

Step2: lift eye end
Next we will use violet eye shadow besmear eye plait, then gently dizzy catch to fuzzy boundaries. Eye end to deep dizzy catch a little bit treads, phoenix eye more prominent unique aesthetic feeling.

Step3: fluctuation look line
In black eyeliner describe fluctuation look line, line avoid by all means is bulky, the phoenix eye look line too thick easy to give a person a kind of gave an angry feeling.

Step4: stick a false eyelash
Will eye end is long false eyelashes cut half-and-half, to cut eye end part, long stick on the part of eye end, so can make charming eyes out.

Step5: dizzy catch the look below
Coffee with eye shadow, dizzy catch the look line, let eye makeup feels more prominent. The last to become warped eyelash clip, brush black eyelash creams, so it can change classic temperament beauty.

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